Occupatıonal Health And Safety (Ohs) Policy

Feza Taahhüt, OHS continuously improve our performance, with the aim of all our employees, faaliyetlerimizler be affected by the health of the people and guarantee the security of the business, the company is the basic element of our success is our first priority to create. Accordingly, our basic principles,

  • Applicable occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws and regulations Business, complying with Health and Safety Management System to create,
  • OHS management system, continuously improving reliable for our employees to create a work environment,
  • With the participation of all employees, hazards, and risks to identify in advance and always take precautions,
  • Continuously training our employees by raising awareness and reach the goal of zero accident,
  •  In our project, developed using appropriate technology to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.